A Sound of Thunder

Released 2005


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Peter Hyams
A Sound of Thunder is the 2005 adaptation of the famous Ray Bradbury science fiction story directed by Peter Hyams. In a close future where time travel exists as a possibility, a Chicago businessman Charles Hatton (Ben Kingsley) is offering the ability to travel in time as a tourist venture. Calling his service "Time Safaris," he offers extremely wealthy 'big game hunters' the ability to travel to the far past in order to hunt prehistoric beasts. Despite protocols in place to ensure the evolutionary timeline will not be disrupted, after Travis Ryer (Edward Burns) accidentally alters a minor past event he realizes the 'present' he returns to after the Time Safari is no longer the place he came from. Consulting the inventor of the technology, Dr. Rand (Catherine McCormack), it becomes apparent the effect of time disruption is causing reverberating effects to the timeline. The temporal agency responsible for monitoring the timeline sends Ryer back to fix the alterations, but each attempt results in a significantly altered timeline and begins impacting the evolution of all life on Earth. With time running out, he embarks on one last mission to fix the devastating changes, but it may require the sacrifice of his own existence.moreless


Metacritic Score

  • 20

    The New York Times Dana Stevens

    This picture achieves a level of badness that is its own form of sublimity. You almost - please note that I said almost - have to see it to believe it.

  • 20

    Los Angeles Times Kevin Thomas

    The picture looks as murky as its story line, the sound is tinny, much of the dialogue is flat or confoundingly technical or merely risible, and most everything on the screen looks...

  • 20

    Variety Joe Leydon

    A clunky and cheesy disaster.

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