A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas

Released 2011


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  • 90

    The New York Times Neil Genzlinger

    N.P.H, as he's often called in these films, does indeed return, singing and dancing. And talking dirty. He, that stoned baby and a stunning riff on the tongue-stuck-to-a-pole scene...

  • 63

    Chicago Sun-Times Roger Ebert

    I have no idea if this movie was made stoned. Like its predecessors by Cheech and Chong, it might as well have been.

  • 60

    Variety Justin Chang

    This vulgar romp is a generally harmless, heartwarming affair, a cinematic Christmas cookie almost sweet and flaky enough to cover the fact that it's laced with hash, cocaine and a...

  • The Ultimate Movie Review! -- @tss5078

    These movies just keep getting better and better. It's not that the story is any less ridiculous or raunchy, it's that the actors have gain experience. When the series started, both John Cho and Kal Penn were virtual newcomers, but now they've been in some big films and TV shows. The pair are much better actors than they were in the first film and are better equipped to pull off the ridiculousness. In their third film, Harold and Kumar have actually been estranged for a while. When a mysterious package shows up for Harold at Kumar's apartment, the two are brought back together and are forced to work together to solve a problem. Everything you saw in the first two films and everything you've come to love about Harold & Kumar are back, including THE Neil Patrick Harris. There aren't many surprises here, by now you basically know what you're going to get with these films. What is new, is the Director, Todd Strauss, who actually does add a few interesting things to the film. Harold and Kumar is a lot of laughs, in a ridiculous story, filled with drugs, tits, and alcohol. If you didn't like the first two films, you won't like this one any better, but for what it's worth, I dare you to watch it and tell me you didn't laugh out loud at least once.moreless

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