Adam's Rib

MGM UA Released 1949


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Adam's Rib is a romantic comedy film directed by George Cukor that follows two married lawyers when they deal with professional competition as they each take a different side of a high-profile court case. Married lawyers Adam and Amanda Bonner (Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn) had a relatively happy marriage with a few bouts of bickering until their differing opinions on the sexual equality of the law begins to put these two at odds. When Adam's called in to prosecute a case where a wife attempts to kill her husband (Tom Ewell) and his lover (Jean Hagen), he and the DA thought it was a done deal. That is, until his wife, Amanda, chooses to defend Doris Attinger (Judy Holliday), feeling that if the roles had been reversed, the husband would have been acquitted. The once easy case becomes a battle of the sexes as the Bonners fight the old argument of just who wears the pants in any relationship. Considered one of the best American films of all time, Adam's Rib is a hot bed of Academy Award winners doing what they do best.moreless
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