Alley Cats Strike

Released 2000


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Alley Cats Strike

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Sports are priority number one in this town, and a long standing rivalry between two teams is set to be settled by a bowling competition. Can the teammates learn how to get along with one another?
  • A movie about bowling? Awesome!

    One of my favorite Disney Channel sports movies that deals with bowling!

    Here you have one pop jock trying to get the four outcasts to fit in to his society.

    My favorite character is Delia Graci (Mimi Paney). The shy, quiet type who comes through at the end. If you compared Alex, Ken, Elise & Delia to the Scooby Doo gang, Delia would fit the part of Velma like a glove!

    Another character was Bubba who kept calling Alex "Bowling Dude"! The teen looked like an early Josh Peck when he started on Drake & Josh.

    If you like bowling whether you play or watch it on ESPN, you'll like Alley Cats Strike.

    Another plus goes to that song, "Right Down The Middle".moreless
  • I can't belive I have never been to this guide yet.

    This is one of my All-Time favorite Disney Channel Original movies. I looked on sites for a little awhile ago and didn't find much. Then I checked Filmspot and it was there if I remember correctly but Filmspot doesn't give that much info so I just carried on. Then now to find this here I am surprised. Anyways I thought the cast as pretty good. I liked the plot and how the town treated the one boy and then how they treated the bowling team. The mayor and te towns people were funny. I gave it a 9.3 because it was ne of my favorite Disney Original movies but it wasn't an all-timme great. I am glad to ave found it though!moreless
  • Alley Cats Strike Review

    Alley Cats Strike is and always will remain as one of my favorite disney channel movies of all time. This movie has not been on tv in the longest period of time possible, but i still remember everything about this movie as if i was a kid again. This show features a bowling team through their story of attempting to win a championship. This movie has a great story, an amazing cast, and a fantastic ending. Overall, Alley Cats Strike is a magical disney movie experience that will leave you stunned with the fact that disney channel actually made this movie.moreless

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