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    Anastasia is an animated musical film developed by 20th Century Fox based on a Russian urban legend that Anastasia, the youngest daughter of the Romanovs, the last monarchs of Imperial Russia, survived the 1916 execution of her family. Anastasia was only eight when a crazed Grigori Rasputin started the Russian Revolution to destroy the Romanov family, but with the help of a servant boy, Dimitri, Anastasia and her grandmother, the Dowager Empress Marie Feodorovna, manage to escape from the massacre. The two survivors are separated at the station - Anastasia trips, hitting her head, just as her grandmother gets onto a moving train. Ten years later in a now Communist Russia, Anastasia, Dimitri, and the Dowager Empress search for the missing pieces of their past. Anastasia, now known as Anya, leaves her orphanage on a pilgrimage to find out about her past, as the first eight years of her life are blank. All she has of the time is a necklace and a smattering of memories. Dimitri, with the help of Vladimir, work as con men in Leningrad and hope to score big with the Grand Dowager’s offer of a monetary reward for the return of Anastasia. The two con men train Anya to become a fake Grand Duchess but on the journey to Paris, Dimitri begins to realize that maybe Anya is in fact the girl he helped escape. The only hitch in the plan is Rasputin, who had sold his soul to destroy the Imperial family and rots away in limbo. With the help of his magic and his neurotic bat, the decaying mystic sets out to stop the reunion and to fulfill his curse. Meg Ryan, John Cusack, Angela Lansbury, Kelsey Grammer, and Christopher Lloyd lend their voices to bring this historical rumor to life.moreless
  • Anastasia


    A pair of con men train a good-hearted Paris street urchin to pass her off as the lost heir to the Russian throne, unaware that the girl may actually be the missing princess. Animated.moreless