Anne of the Thousand Days

Released 1969


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Anne of the Thousand Days is a historical drama film directed by Charles Jarrott that focuses on the life of Anne Boleyn (Genevieve Bujold), the beautiful English woman who becomes the second wife of Henry VIII (Richard Burton), the covetous and overly amorous King of England. Anne had been only eighteen, happily engaged to another man, when the King set his sights on her. The fact that he was already married to Catherine of Aragon (Irene Papas) and bedding Anne’s sister Mary (Valerie Gearon) meant nothing to Henry, especially with the blaring fact no female had given him a son. Anne does her best to stay away from him, but when Henry breaks Anne’s engagement and forces her to stay in court with him, Anne slowly finds that power might be as good as love, even using to make her own enemies pay. Anne soon forgets just what Henry wants and just how far he would go to get it: a son. Anne of the Thousand Days is a spirited and tragic look at the first woman of a handful to find the fate of her marriage at the chopping block thanks to King Henry VIII.moreless
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