Another Cinderella Story

Released 2008


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Damon Santostefano

Another Cinderella Story, the sequel to A Cinderella Story starring Hilary Duff, stars Selena Gomez as Mary Santiago, a young orphaned girl slaving away for pop star Dominique (Jane Lynch) and her daughters Britt (Emily Perkins) and Bree (Katharine Isabelle) in exchange for food and housing. Although she spends her days cooking and cleaning, what Mary really has a gift for is dancing. When celebrity pop star Joey Parker (Drew Seeley) decides to return to high school for his senior year, to get a taste of regular teenage life and finding a girl to co-star with him as a dancer in his next music video. The high school he chooses is his alma mater and just so happens to be where Mary, Britt, and Bree go to school. Although Mary has devised a way to secretly take a dance class thanks to a one-way mirror, she only finds time for it in between her endless chores for Dominque. Mary also manages to get away for enough time to go to the masquerade ball at school- she entrances Joey Parker with a dance, but he doesn't know who she is because of her mask. She drops her Zune and he sets out to find her. Meanwhile, she is planning her escape to the Manhattan Academy of Performing Arts, where she lands an audition. When Britt and Bree figure out that she is Joey's mystery girl, they embarrass her publicly and use Joey's ex-girlfriend to make Mary keep her distance. Dominique sabotages her school audition, ensuring that Mary will remain in her service. Mary's friends plot t get her to the competition for the role in Joey's video and he makes sure that a judge from the dance school is there. Mary's talent may save the day, but can it save her relationship with Joey? This Cinderella might get her happily ever after with a modern twist.



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