Babar: The Movie

Released 1989


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Babar: The Movie is a 1989 animated children’s film by director Alan Bunce, telling the story of King Babar (Gordon Pinsent), the lovable elephant from Jean de Brunhoff’s charming children’s book series. This time, King Babar is up against Lord Rataxes (Charles Kerr), a bully of a rhino with a seemingly endless hunger for power. Lord Rataxes and his army of rhinos have taken over Elephantland and it is now up to King Babar to take Elephantland back, for the good of all the elephants throughout the land. Luckily, King Babar does not have to do it alone. With trusty friends Queen Celeste (Elizabeth Hanna) and funny monkey Zephir (John Stocker) by his side, King Babar is ready to do what it takes to free Elephantland from Lord Rataxes’s brutal regime. Babar: The Movie was well received, earning nominations for two 1990 Genie Awards, as well as a 1990 Young Artist Award.moreless
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