Band of Pirates:Buccaneer Island (MATURE VERSION)

Released 2007


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Movie: Band of Pirates:Buccaneer Island (MATURE VERSION)


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Band of Pirates Video -MATURE VERSION features a missing father, a timely letter, a map, a treasure...a Band of Pirates! Lydia Guthrie and her young brother, William and cousin Molly, await the return of their famous explorer father/uncle, Henry Guthrie after a long expedition. When he does not return and they instead receive an urgent letter and a mysterious map, the Guthries decide to embark on a journey, setting sail to the island on the map in hopes of finding him. Together, they must solve a riddle in order to unlock the map's hidden secrets. Will they find their father? Will they find his treasure? Action ensures when they encounter Captain Black and his band of pirates, including the ruthless pirate Blade, who are intent on getting their hands on the treasure too!. Fighting pirates is no easy task, but the boy puts his book knowledge to the test to help them survive in the jungle. It's a tale full of adventure, survival, love and self-discovery. Will Lydia and William find their famous father? How will they survive? Who will get the treasure - them or Captain Black? (Not Rated: action-adventure violence, adult situations, brief nudity, best for 17 and older)moreless
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