Bank Roll

Released 2013


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Keely Christian
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What would you do if your brother was accused of a crime he was guilty of committing? Set in present day Burbank, California and the surrounding San Fernando Valley area, 'BANK ROLL' is a quirky drama that focuses on offbeat characters who team up for one daring crime. BENNY BIG-TIME (The BBT) learns his older brother has been arrested on suspicion of a few recent bank robberies. With every bit of the life savings he's socked away over the years, The BBT hatches a plan to help out this older brother escape the repercussions of his fate by complicating his own with the assistance of five close friends. The BBT has only four days to create a 'red herring' that will throw off the officials and clear his brother's name by actually robbing a small bank himself, disguised to look like his sibling. Money is not the motive. With money not being the motive, the gang has a handful of days to stalk three bank employees and pull off this robbery. The BBT figures to exactly recreate his brother's crime and arm himself with only a few folders of photographs which contain the bank tellers' friends, families, pets, places of residence and other personal information that would threaten the safety of the employees. If all goes to plan, this is enough 'reasonable doubt' in his brother's case to clear his name. Benny Big-Time's mates (ERIK, DEREK, JAMIE, K.C. and KYLE) each have a specialty. Erik is The BBT's best friend and helps put the plan together. Derek is a wild car guy and would make a great getaway driver. Jamie is a whiz with a camera and can snap all the pictures The BBT needs. K.C. is a makeup and special effects expert for the movies in Hollywood and is put in charge of disguises. Kyle, a talented actor, will create a good alibi. The guys break up into groups. Erik, Derek and Jamie head up 'DAY ONE' and gather plenty information on their time out. Throughout the day they experience some wacky adventures and find themselves in odd situations while caring formoreless

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