Batman Under the Red Hood

Warner Brothers Released 2010


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Brandon Vietti
Batman Under the Red Hood is the 2010 Warner Brothers animated feature about the classic comic book caped crusader, and is now available on Amazon. Batman (Bruce Greenwood), is the masked vigilante alter-ego of billionaire Bruce Wayne. He finds himself in a dark chapter of his life. The Joker (John DiMaggio), an insane clown psychopathic killer, takes the life of young boy wonder Robin (Vincent Martella), known as Jason Todd, before he can save him in time. Five years later, the mysterious Red Hood (a hooded crime lord) has taken Gotham by storm. Though the presence of the Red Hood has lowered crime, it has in turn increased drug trafficking. It is up to Batman, and his original protégé Nightwing (Neil Patrick Harris), to stop the Red Hood from his murderous rampage and discover the real identity of the masked villain. However, the more Batman discovers, the darker and tragic the truth becomes. This straight to dvd animated feature is based on the Batman comic issues "A Death in the Family" and "Under the Hood".moreless


  • perfect

    This movie was My favorite Batman animation movie ever.

    Perfect Casting, Awesome Plot, edge of your seat action.
  • Great Movie

    I really like that they made this movie it really opened up doors for Jason Todd who was the second robin and the only robin every killed it really showed me more than what the comics did that's why i liked it as much as i did Batman is also great in this movie i would've liked the movie better if they had Tim drake inside of it the joker was amazing in the movie overall i really like everything about Jason got inside of Ra'aal Ghul lazerous pitt and came back to life and also became red hoodmoreless
Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris

Nightwing (voice)

John DiMaggio

John DiMaggio

Joker (voice)

Bruce Greenwood

Bruce Greenwood

Batman/Bruce Wayne (voice)

Jensen Ackles

Jensen Ackles

Red Hood (voice)

Vincent Martella

Vincent Martella

Robin/Jason Todd (voice)

Wade Williams

Wade Williams

Black Mask (voice)

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    • Joker: Okay, kiddo, I gotta go. It's been fun though, right? (Robin is seen lying on the ground, not moving at all) Well maybe a tad fun for me. I'm just guessing since you're being awfully quiet. Anyway, be a good boy, finish your homework, and be in bed by nine. And hey. Please tell the big man I said "Hello." (Cackles before leaving)

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