Beavis and Butt-Head Do America

Released 1996


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Mike Judge

Beavis and Butt-head Do America is the 1996 hilarious animated feature based on the MTV cartoon series from creator/director Mike Judge, and is now available on Amazon. The pair of socially inept high school (both voiced by Judge) teens come home one day to find their beloved television has been stolen. They embark on a cross country journey to retrieve it, and maybe get some action on the way. The duo cause an explosion in their school, break into a camper, get mixed up with a psychopath that wants them to kill his wife, become wanted terrorists by the FBI, cause a breakdown at Hoover Damn, hallucinate in the desert, track down their roots, cause a massive highway pileup, and infiltrate the White House. This controversial animated hit features the guest voices of Bruce Willis, Demi Moore, Cloris Leachman, Greg Kinnear, director Richard Linklater, and David Letterman, released through MTV Films.

Metacritic Score

  • This was a funny movie to watch

    The movie actually takes your traditional hero and gives him enough flaws for an anti-hero, or in this movies case, two. The MTv characters known as Bevis and Butthead go on a journey that really sets the mood for excitment. The movie feels better than the show and I have to say, it was well written.
  • If you love the series then...

    you will love this film. Great
Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis

Muddy Grimes

Mike Judge

Mike Judge

Beavis/Butt-Head/Tom Anderson/Mr. Van Driessen/Principal McVicker

Robert Stack

Robert Stack

ATF Agent Flemming

Tim Guinee

Tim Guinee

Hoover Dam Guide/ATF Agent

Richard Linklater

Richard Linklater

Tour Bus Driver

Kristofor Brown

Kristofor Brown

Man on Plane/Man in Confession Booth #2/Old Guy/Jim

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    • Beavis: Hey wait a minute, what's going on? Why are we getting back on the bus.
      Old Man: It's time to go, son.
      Beavis: We can't leave. We never met that chick. Damn it! We were suppose to get some.
      Butt-Head: Settle down, Beavis.
      Beavis: No! I won't settle down. Not this time. Damn it, this always happens. I think I'm going to score and then I never score. It's not fair. We hundred miles, because we thought we were going to score. But now it's not going to happen. Damn it!
      Bus Driver: Hey, buddy. Sit down!
      Beavis: Shut up, ass-wipe! I'm sick and tired of this! We're never gonna score! It's just not gonna happen! We're probably gonna get old like these people. But they probably scored.
      Bus Driver: Hey! I'm warning you! Sit down!
      Beavis: (To an old woman) It's like, this chick's a slut. And look at this guy. He's old, but he's probably scored a million times.
      Old Man: Oh yeah.
      Beavis: But not us! We're never gonna score! We're never gonna score! We're never gonna score!
      Bus Driver: Alright, that's it, numb-nuts! (Tackles Beavis to the ground)

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