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For eons, it has been dormant beneath the earth. Now, nature has awakened it, and nothing on earth can stop it. For generations, the dormant volcano Mount Lincoln has anchored Ascension, the quiet town in its shadow—until an earthquake rocks the region, splitting open the rocky face of the smoldering mount. When the Richter scale goes off the charts at nearby Northern Tech University, Emily Green heads back to her hometown to survey the damage, and back to her old high school sweetheart, logger Thomas Anderson. The disaster has also drawn undercover government agent Jack Owens. He fears this is only the beginning of a larger threat, something that hasn’t taken place for tens of thousands of years. It’s not another natural disaster. In fact, there’s nothing in nature quite like it. When aftershocks tear at earth, swallowing up the town, the remaining survivors flee. But with Thomas’s younger sister’s disappearing in the panic, he’s not going anywhere until he finds her. Emily and Jack agree to help but not before Jack’s warning. He has found evidence that an ancient beast is ready to rise from its earthen grave—a subterranean creature as massive as the mountain itself. It’s a race against time for the small rescue party as the earth rumbles, as a roar more shattering than the quake bellows from beneath. Mount Lincoln is opening; the Behemoth is rising in a cloud of fire and ash, and only a force as destructive as the great beast itself can stop it. Exploding out of the earth itself comes the most towering creature of them all. Behemoth is coming.moreless

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  • Had Only One Good Moment

    The only scene I liked in this film was when the two teenagers see the Behemoths eye. That's the only good part because it built up tension and made me want to see what the Behemoth would look like.

    Sadly, the reveal of the Behemoth was uninspired. For one, it looked more like a genetic mutation than an ancient beast.

    The whole film is also nothing different than most SyFy movies. It has the one guy who always says the monster is man's comeuppance, it has a few deaths, the monster isn't revealed until late in the story and the final battle is very anti-climatic.

    The creature is considered so huge that it's wrapped around the earth and its head is the size of a mountain, and yet it only takes one shot from a portable nuke to kill it. Also the main hero has trouble thinking of where to shoot the beast until his sister tells him the story of a god who was killed by an arrow shot in its mouth, piercing its heart, giving the hero the idea to shoot the nuke in the Behemoth's mouth.

    Seriously, the hero needed to hear a myth to give him that idea? You don't need a myth to give you that idea. You need common sense. If you're going to kill something that big, the best idea is shoot the missile in the mouth where it'd do the most damage.

    A truly bad movie, and destroyed any hope I had for the Maneater Series after they made a giant squid movie I didn't like.moreless

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