Best of the NBA Slam Dunk Contest

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Movie: Best of the NBA Slam Dunk Contest (52:00)

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Ever since man first looked to the sky, there has been an undeniable fascination with flight. And perhaps no event taps into that spirit quite like the Slam Dunk Contest at NBA All-Star Weekend. For more than a quarter of a century, gifted athletes have raised the bar on the art form known as "the dunk" and then preceded to soar above it. This DVD traces the roots from1984 to date of what has become the centerpiece of All-Star Saturday night. Not only will the founding fathers of flight such as Julius Erving and Dominique Wilkins tell their stories, but also more recent stars such as Vince Carter and Blake Griffin reflect on performances that will never be forgotten. Experience the Slam Dunk Contest's greatest moments and most inventive innovations. Watch dunkers of all shapes and sizes, such as 5'7" Spud Webb, captivate the crowd. Re-live the epic battles between Nate Robinson and Dwight Howard. And dip into the Slam Dunk vault for a look at dazzling gems that haven't been unearthed in years. It's all here, now for the first time, the "Best of the NBA Slam Dunk Contest". So sit back, hit "play" and get ready for take-off! Bonus Features: -Underrated Dunks -Little Men Dunks -Dunks off the Glass -Teamwork Dunks -Between the Legs Dunks -Stunt Dunksmoreless
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