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Nora Ephron
Bewitched is a family comedy-fantasy film directed by Nora Ephron that acts as a re-imagination of the much beloved TV series of the same name. This time, Isabel (Nicole Kidman), a young witch, decides to give up her magic and give a try at living a normal life, despite all the warnings and tricks of her magic-friendly father (Michael Caine). It seems though that her attempt at a normal non-magic life is thrown for a loop when she’s picked by Jack Wyatt (Will Ferrell), a slowly fading movie star, to play the iconic witch, Samantha, in a modern adaptation of Bewitched. Jack’s hope is to cast an unknown in order to take over the show as the mortal Darrin, a role in the show that had been recast twice in the original show. Jack’s egocentric ways are put to the test when Isabel becomes far more popular and her own witchly abilities become known. Meanwhile, “spiritsâ€? of the old show, such as Aunt Clara and Uncle Arthur, work hard to recreate the classic TV show in more ways than one.moreless


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Metacritic Score

  • 40

    The New York Times Manohla Dargis

    The film's screenwriters conjured up a very clever gimmick when they decided to revamp a favorite 60's television show. Too bad they forgot that a gimmick is no substitute for a sc...

  • 40

    Los Angeles Times Carina Chocano

    Isn't a remake, really. It's a "reimagining," which is a sparkly word for what happens to a beloved TV hit of yesteryear when it's cannibalized by committee.

  • 40

    Variety Brian Lowry

    Nora Ephron's attempt to reconceive the standard TV-to-bigscreen adaptation goes bizarrely haywire here, spinning out of control like a runaway broomstick.

  • Great actors/actresses; Great Plot; should have a sequel .... and only slight rewrite

    An actual witch (Nicole Kidman), who has decided to try to live as a human, by humanities rules and restrictions, inadvertently winds up as the female costar on a remake of the old TV series "Bewitched". She falls in love with the man playing the husband in the series. Unfortunately, he's a huge donkeys behind so she and a few friends/relatives decide to rework him. It goes from there. Pretty good show if you can get past the character of the man (Will Ferrell) playing the husband usually acting like he's only three years old. That's the only rewrite I saw that was necessary. The actresses/actors on the show -- Shirley MacLaine, Michael Caine, Steve Carell, Kristin Chenoweth -- are wonderful, well-known, and fun to watch. If there was a sequel made, I'd probably watch that too - as long as the character of the husband grew up and started acting like an adult ... no one enjoys watching an adult trying to fit in a playpen.moreless
  • Nothing like the tv show.

    Bad. Really stupid.

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