Beyond Re-Animator

Released 2010


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Beyond Re-Animator is a horror movie from 2003 that was written by José Manuel Gómez and directed by Brian Yuzna. It is the third in the Re-Animator series, and focuses once again on Dr. Herbert West (Jeffrey Combs). Herbert has been in jail for 13 years for the death of a young girl by one of his re-animated corpses. He has been performing basic testing with the supplies he can find in prison. Dr. Howard Phillips (Jason Barry), the younger brother of the girl Herbert is in jail for killing, begins working at the prison to help Herbert get the supplies he needs to continue his experiments. With Jason's help, Herbert discovers NPE, short for Nano-Plasmic Energy, which can be taken from a living brain and used to keep a corpse from becoming a brain-dead zombie when it is brought back to life. With the NPE, re-animated corpses seem to remember their memories and motor functions and they can resemble normal, living humans. Will Herbert find the respect he deserves for his genius findings, or will his experiments caught death and destruction once again?moreless
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