Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure

Nelson Entertainment Released 1989




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Stephen Herek

Bill S. Preston, Esq. and Ted "Theodore" Logan are best friends in a band called Wyld Stallyns. Little do they know, the messages in their lyrics are destined to become the founding principles of a future utopia. However, this perfect society will never exist if the perpetual slackers do not pass their high school history class. Learning that their world is in peril, the people of the future send Rufus to help the teens finish their history report. After convincing Bill and Ted of the importance of their band, Rufus provides them with a magical phone booth that can transport them to any time period in history. The two set off on an adventure into the past to meet great historical figures who can help them get information for their report, like Sigmund Freud, Abraham Lincoln, and Genghis Khan. However, things start to get a little messy when Bill and Ted decide to take their new pals back to the present time.



Metacritic Score

  • 100

    Entertainment Weekly

    Delightfull time-travel comedy.

  • 40


    Reeves, with his beguilingly blank face and loose-limbed, happy-go-lucky physical vocabulary, and Winter, with his golden curls, gleefully good vibes and 'bodacious' vocabulary, pr...

  • 30

    The New York Times Vincent Canby

    Meant to be funny, but it only swells the sinus passages. It is a painfully inept comedy.

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    • Production Budget - $10,000,000
      Domestic Gross - $40,485,039 (32nd)

      Domestic Adjusted for 2013 - $83,213,581

    • Other production companies:
      De Laurentiis Entertainment Group
      Interscope Communications
      Orion Pictures (US distributor)

    • Filming location include:
      Tempe, Arizona
      Scottsdale, Arizona
      Flagstaff, Arizona
      Mesa, Arizona
      Phoenix, Arizona
      San Dimas, California
      Rome, Lazio, Italy
      Scottsdale, Arizona
      Universal Studios, Universal City, California

    • Taglines:
      1. The funniest comedy in the history of history.
      2. Brace yourself amigos for a most triumphant video!
      3. Party on, dudes!
      4. Time flies when you're having fun.
      5. History is about to be rewritten by two guys who can't spell...

    • Music:
      I Can't Break Away
      Written by Mitch Bottler & Gary Zekley
      Performed by Big Pig
      In Time
      Written by Bob Marlette and Sue Shifrin
      Performed by Robbie Rob
      Dancing With A Gypsy
      Written by Anthony Corder, Keith Douglas, Patrick Francis, and John Patterson
      Performed by Tora Tora
      Written by Richard Czerny, Spencer Sercombe, and Kevin Kreis
      Performed by Shark Island
      No Right To Do Me Wrong
      Written by Lee Ving, David Wills, and Micahel Ballew
      Performed by Range War
      Not So Far Away
      Written by Tom Cochrane
      Performed by Glen Burtnic
      The Boys And Girls Are Doing It
      Written by Frankie Miller and Jeff Barry
      Performed by Vital Signs
      Party Up
      Written by Michael Wells and Rori
      Performed by Rori
      Walk Away
      Written by Brian Bricklin, Scott Bricklin, Jake Meyer, Ian Cross, James Goetz, and Eddie Bader
      Performed by Bricklin
      Father Time
      Written by Richard Czerny and Spencer Sercombe
      Performed by Shark Island
      Play With Me
      Written by Nuno Bettencourt and Gary Cherone
      Performed by Extreme
      Bad Guitar
      Written and Performed by Stevie Salas (as Stevie "No Wonder" Salas)
      Carlin's Solo
      Written by Stevie Salas (as Stevie "No Wonder" Salas)
      Performed, as the hands of Rufus
      Two Heads Are Better Than One
      Written by Matthew Nelson, Gunnar Nelson, and Dweezil Zappa
      Performed by Power Tool


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epic adventure, parallel worlds, breaking the fourth wall, foreign worlds, historical people as characters