Billy the Kid and the Green Blaize Vampire

Released 1987


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Movie: Billy the Kid and the Green Blaize Vampire


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Billy Kid is a seventeen year old boy who loves to play snooker. He could be the best in the world, but the seven times world champion Maxwell Randall, disagrees. Both characters are a little eccentric. Billy lives in a cowboy fantasy, and Maxwell sleeps in a coffin. A showdown is staged between the young cowboy and the old vampire, in which the loser will never play professional snooker again. Supersonic Sam's Cosmic Cafe is the venue for the contest, where vid-kids sing and dance the Cowboy into quick-draw shoot-outs, and the Vampire performs his sinister death-dealing skills with a cue.moreless
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Comedy, Drama, Horror


Animal Antics, Abstinence, Adrenaline Junkies