Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss

Released 1998


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Movie: Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss


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Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss is a romantic comedy starring Sean P. Hayes as Billy Collier, a struggling photographer in Los Angeles who is balancing his desire for artistic success and his desire for a healthy relationship. Billy thinks he may have found both when he meets Gabriel, a classically handsome man working as a server in LA. Billy recruits Gabriel for his latest photo project, which features recreations of iconic Hollywood kisses using drag queens to play the female roles. As their professional relationship develops, Billy tries to pursue a romantic relationship with Gabriel as well. Despite a few flirtatious moments, Gabriel insists he has a girlfriend in San Francisco and isn't available. As Gabriel tries to discover his own sexuality, Billy embarks on a journey of love and art that might lead him to success—or leave him just as broke and newly heartbroken. Sean P. Hayes plays the role of Billy with style and nuance. After Billy's Hollywood Kiss, Hayes went on to portray Jack McFarland on TV's Will and Grace.moreless
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Quirky Characters, Buddies And Gal Pals, Sexual Tension, Social Commentary, Sex Sells