Bionicle: The Legend Reborn

Released 2009


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Movie: Bionicle: The Legend Reborn


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Bionicle: The Legend Reborn' is the 2003 straight to DVD computer animated sequel to the previous 3 bioncle films, all of which were based on the wildly popular children's action figure series. The film follows Mata Nui who was once a powerful and majestic ruler for he was literally the physical representation of the Great Spirit of the Matoran Universe. Now he is nothing, having been exiled from his homeland by his evil 'brother,' Makuta Teridax. Now Mata is lost in a desolate wasteland of scrapped parts and burnished metals. Mata gets into an exciting and dangerous Glatorian battle and upon winning the battle he gets asked to help the local Agori villagers against their fight with their true enemies, the evil Skrall and the Bone Hunters. So Mata raises a mighty band of Glatonian fighters and Agori villagers to embark upon an epic quest to new lands to finally defeat the evil Skrall and his Bone Hunters.moreless
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Action & Adventure, Animation, Kids


Tweens, Pre-Teens