Black and White

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Black and White

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James Toback

Black and White is a 1999 drama, directed by James Toback, that explores the influence of the hip hop culture on a group of white, suburban grade-school kids. The movie begins with an introduction to Rich (Power), a rapper from New York, who is on the cusp of superstardom and has created a circle of friends who follow his every lead. Among his followers is a group of white adolescents who yearn to play a part in what they believe is the coolest scene in town. Little do they all know, Rich is a criminal who finds his livelihood at stake after a friend, Dean (Allan Houston), makes a major mistake which leads cops to his trail. As officers put the pressure on Dean to talk about where Rich is located, the leader decides his friend must be killed. In an effort to prove loyalty, he asks one of his white followers to do the job for him in a move the blurs the line between enjoying hip hop culture and becoming part of it.


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    • Much of the script was actually improvised by the cast, and the only fully-scripted role was that of Greta, played by Claudia Schiffer.

    • The first showing of the completed movie was at the Telluride Film Festival on September 4th 1999. It was then show at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 15th 1999, and had it's first public release in the UK on October 8th 1999. The official US release did not come until six months later, on April 5th 2000.

    • The estimated production budget was $10 Million.

    • Brooke Shields had her nose pierced temporarily for her role in this movie.

    • As she didn't already have them done, Claudia Schiffer had to have her ears pierced especially for her role in this movie. She had them pierced so that she'd be able to wear the large hoop earrings that her character, Greta, wears in most of her scenes.


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