Black Swarm

Released 2007


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Black Swarm

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David Winning
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Welcome to Black Stone, "The Township of Good Neighbors," and now home to something more ominous: a pack of intelligent--and deadly--genetically-modified wasps. Exterminator Devin Hall (Sebastien Roberts, Lucky Number Slevin) has seen a lot when it comes to peculiar insect behavior, but nothing like the swarm of wasps that descends on a homeless man and kills him. The anomalous attack has also drawn the attention of two women: Katherine Randall (Jayne Heitmeyer, Earth: Final Conflict), associate professor of entomology; and Jane Kozik (Sarah Allen, Secret Window) , new Deputy Sheriff and Devin's former lover who has returned to Black Stone after ten years in New York with her young daughter, Kelsey. At first, there's nothing in town that can really intrigue a curious city girl like Kelsey until she meets Eli (Robert Englund, A Nightmare on Elm Street), the odd "wasp keeper," and other locals who show all the emotion of drones and share the same odd affliction: they all seem to buzz. The strange hum also emanates from the corpse of the homeless man who awakens in the morgue as if answering the call of a higher power. But who--or what--is behind it? As the wasp attacks grown in number, and more Black Stone residents transform into Killer Drones, it becomes clear these wasps are carrying out a strange vendetta against humanity. Amassing as a black swarm, they have a single, terrifying purpose: to kill. When Kelsey is kidnapped and entombed in a giant hive, Devin, Katherine, and Jane must discover the source of the mutating horror before the wasps engage their killer instinct for their deadliest, most horrifying mission yet. When the dark cloud descends, you haven't got a chance. The Black Swarm is here.moreless


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