Blade Runner (Director's Cut)

Released 1992


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Movie: Blade Runner (Director's Cut)


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Blade Runner (Director's Cut), from the director of "Alien," is one of the most popular, gripping and visually stunning science-fiction thrillers of all time. Superstar Harrison Ford is an ex-cop hired to track down five mutinous androids. Navigating his way through a sprawling metropolis of the future, he hunts them down one by one -- climaxing in a final showdown with their leader. Starring Oscar-nominee Ford ("The Fugitive," "Air Force One"), Golden Globe-winner Rutger Hauer ("The Hitcher"), Sean Young ("No Way Out"), Daryl Hannah ("Roxanne," "Splash") and Emmy and Golden Globe-winner Edward James Olmos ("Stand and Deliver," TV's "Miami Vice"). Directed by Oscar-nominee Ridley Scott ("Alien," "Thelma & Louise"). Nominated for two Academy Awards, including Best Visual Effects, inducted into the National Film Registry and voted one of the top films of all time by the AFI. "...the world of 'Blade Runner' has undeniably become one of the visual touchstones of modern movies..." - Roger Ebert. "...eyeball popping thriller...moreless
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