Blues Brothers 2000

Released 1998


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Blues Brothers 2000 is a 1998 musical comedy starring Dan Aykroyd, John Goodman, and a long list of guest stars in a story about an aging troublemaker who reassembles his old band for the musical showdown of a lifetime. This film is a sequel to the classic 1980 film The Blues Brothers, which was based on a popular Saturday Night Live sketch featuring Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi as the eponymous siblings Elwood and Jake Blues. Blues Brothers 2000 begins with Elwood's release from prison after serving many years for the criminal spree he and his brother committed in the first film. He returns to the outside world alone, having learned of the deaths of both his brother Jake and their surrogate father, Curtis. The only family Elwood has left is his Illinois Police Commander brother Cab, Curtis' biological son, and the members of his defunct blues band. Elwood finds a real job and decides to leave his criminal past behind him. However, retiring from the rock and roll lifestyle may not be as easy as he thinks. Blues Brothers 2000 is a funny film full of inspired music, including appearances by B.B. king, Eric Clapton, Paul Shaffer, Bo Diddley, Isaac Hayes, Clarence Clemons, and James Brown.moreless
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