Boarding Gate

Released 2007


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Boarding Gate is an erotic thriller made by Oliver Assayas in 2007. Miles Rennberg (Michael Madsen) is a debt-ridden underworld entrepreneur planning to sell some shares to Singapore interests in hopes of retiring. He is surprised when his ex underworld business partner and lover, underworld moll Sandra (Asia Argento), drops by his office in Paris right before selling his shares. It has been years since the couple has last seen each other, and there is the notion that they split on bad terms, most likely due to a business transaction gone awry. However, Sandra and Miles are still overtly attracted to one another, and they rekindle the kinky relationship they once had before. Sandra is now raising capital to open her own nightclub in Beijing, and she tells Miles of these plans. Miles couldn't be less interested in Sandra's plans but insists they continue to see each other. Sandra is tempted to manipulate Miles into giving her some of his money, but she is pretty financially secure with a shady import business she is running with another couple. Sandra also secures an extra income by dealing drugs using the couple's company. It is not long before suspense and action escalade as one of Sandra's drug deals goes awry. Will Miles step in to help Sandra, or will Sandra have to fend for herself?moreless
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