Bob The Builder: Knights Of Fix-A-Lot

Released 2003


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Movie: Bob The Builder: Knights Of Fix-A-Lot


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Bob The Builder: Knights Of Fix-A-Lot is about a case of mistaken identity that puts Bob's father in charge of a project, resulting in one disaster after another. Meanwhile, tales of Camelot inspire Bob's noble crew of machines - Sir Lift-A-Lot, Sir Roll-A-Lot, and Lady Mix-A-Lot - in their quest to get the job done. And Sir Spud-A-Lot finds a suit of armor and a fiery steed almost perfect for jousting! Back at the castle, Bob's father is a bit of a royal pain, locking himself and Bob in the dungeon and then finding himself mysteriously trapped in a maze! Finally, a medieval pageant celebrates the grand opening of the castle and a great father-son relationship. Don't miss the adventures of Bob the Builder - he's a "knight" to remember.moreless
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