Bob The Builder On Site: Skyscrapers

Released 2009


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Bob the Builder On Site: Skyscrapers follows Bob and his crew onto the work site to see how they construct a skyscraper from the ground up. Bob the Builder is the endearing stop motion animated TV series featuring Bob, a building contractor, and his colleague Wendy. With the help of their talking construction equipment Ð Dizzy, Flex, Tumbler, and Lofty Ð Bob and Wendy tackle repairs, renovations, and big projects with a can-do attitude. The On Site film series takes the viewer to the building site, and observes the entire process. In the Skyscrapers feature, Bob must consult with architects for an urban tower. Viewers come along to see how he drafts blueprints, lays the foundation, and tackles the heights installing upper floors and elevator systems. Animated for kids, but fun for any adult fascinated by tall buildings, On Site: Skyscrapers shows every stage of problem solving and construction for Bob to reach the sky!moreless
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