Boyz N The Hood

Released 1991


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Boyz N The Hood is a 1991 drama about a group of kids growing up in poverty-stricken and crime-ridden South Central Los Angeles. Cuba Goodin, Jr. plays Tre Styles, a smart young man who’s caught between the life he’s learning on the streets and the life his parents are trying to make for him. After receiving a suspension from school for fighting, Tre’s mother sends him to live with his loving but strict father, Jason “Furious” Styles. Tre doesn’t like the chores that go along with living in his father’s house. He’s assigned all manner of housekeeping tasks that his father insists will make him a responsible man and teach him the lessons that will keep him out of jail. Meanwhile, Tre’s friend Doughboy is pulling him towards a life of crime, and Tre will have to choose between the lessons of his father and the social approval of his friends. Boyz N The Hood is a complex story about African American life in poor America and the minefield that stands between one young man and his promising future.moreless
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Action & Adventure, Drama


Family Dramas, Crime, African-American Drama, Crazy Neighborhood, City Living