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Brenda Chapman (I) , Mark Andrews (VI)

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  • Why do people hate this?

    This is not a bad movie! Watch The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure or Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale if you want a bad kids' movie! This is just like Gordy! A great movie that's underrated! Really! Why does everybody hate this?
  • Not As Close To Disney Standards...

    The movie was good at the beginning, but as it progressed on it got really, really bad. Merida can act horrible at times, she is also a little bit annoying. (I'm not being racist here) Good try Pixar, but not good enough don't make Disney princess movies,let Disney do that.
  • A middling effort, for Pixar standards.

    BRAVE is a good movie. It has some surprising depth, memorable comedy, and some good values. The problem? It's not great, and that's its biggest sin. For Pixar, this is barely acceptable.

    The story of BRAVE revolves around Merida, a Scottish princess who is forced to marry a boy chosen from three rival clans in order to keep the peace. Her father is a fun-loving, outgoing, and somewhat crude man who seems to have rubbed off on Merida's triplet brothers. On the other hand, her mother is a quiet, polite woman who believes that everything must be done in the royal tradition. Sound familiar? Because it is. Honestly, I never wanted to see Pixar take any story elements from the Disney formula, as Pixar is known for its unique and sometimes surreal stories, and for them to take on a princess story, and especially only making it good, is probably the biggest crime of this film. The first and third acts are pretty cool, and might even be Pixar material. The middle is where it really lacks. Of course, I'm talking about the mother turning into a bear. Well gee, we haven't seen Disney try doing that and having it COMPLETELY BACKFIRE in the same way this movie did..... (f*** BROTHER BEAR),,,,we get the generic pop song and generic, cute scenes, followed by a really sporadic tone change from cute to downright depressing. While I don't think this necessarily makes Brave a bad movie, I just think that this should NOT have come from Pixar, the greatest CGI-animation company in the world! (Yeah there's DreamWorks, but I just don't think the likes of Wallace and Gromit can compare with Toy Story) The final verdict? It's a good movie and still warrants a viewing. But it gets a severely lowered rating soley due to the fact that it's from Pixar.moreless
  • Pixar missed the mark on this one.

    I have never had a Pixar movie disappoint me before... that is until now. Sitting through Brave was one of the most painful moviegoing experiences I've had since Year One back in 2009. It seems more like a Disney Channel Original Movie than a Pixar film to me, only it's CG animated, set in Scotland and the rebellious teenage protagonist is a princess.

    The story follows Merida, who if you ask me, is the most unlikeable main protagonist I've ever seen in an animated movie. She's almost like an animated version of Alex Russo from Wizards of Waverly Place, she's spoiled, stubborn, defiant, and she thinks everything is all about her. In the middle of the film, the story goes all "Freaky Friday" on the audience as (Spoiler Alert) Merida's mother, Queen Elinor, magically turns into a bear thanks to a spell Merida cast on her. The film was also unusually dark for a Pixar film with Merida having to go on a treacherous adventure to turn Elinor back into a human. The only characters I did like were Merida's triplet brothers, they serve as comic relief for a surprisingly bland story, and they are quite the mischief makers of the film, there are times though when they act like the annoying younger sibling on one of those crappy Disney Channel kid-coms.

    Populated with top Pixar talent and well known (and talented) Scottish stars who all deserve a much better script, and a director who cares as much about story as much as he does self-centered teens rebelling against his/her family, Brave can only be aimed at tweens/teens age 9-14, the same demographic as Disney Channel's crappy movies and shows. All in all, Brave is nothing but a disappointing and cliche piece of garbage.moreless

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