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Braveheart is a 1994 drama starring Mel Gibson as William Wallace, Scotland’s famed freedom fighter from the First War of Scottish Independence. Wallace knew from a young age the pains of England’s tyrannous rule over Scotland—his father and older brother died at the hands of King Edward’s men. As a grown man Wallace intends to stay out of trouble with England’s laws. He’s a formidable fighter, but his intentions go no further than marrying his childhood sweetheart and living a farmer’s life. All that changes when his new bride is brutalized by the King’s soldiers, provoking Wallace to rise up against them. Tales of his tragedy and bravery are told throughout Scotland, and soon Wallace is the figurehead of a full-scale Scottish revolt. Mel Gibson also directs this epic historical biopic, which features music by James Horner. Braveheart received ten Academy Award nominations and won five, including Best Picture and Best Directormoreless
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