Breakheart Pass

MGM Released 1975


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Tom Gries
Breakheart Pass is a 1975 western thriller starring Charles Bronson, Ben Johnson, Richard Crenna, and Jill Ireland in a story about an undercover federal agent who uncovers a deadly criminal plot while traversing dangerous high-altitude terrain on a cross-country train ride. The film takes place in the 1870s, as the war between outlaws and lawmen raged in the American West. Bronson plays John Deakin, a lawman pretending to be a famous outlaw in the custody of another federal agent known as The Reverend (Bill McKinney). The two men are on board a train loaded up with medical supplies and equipment and bound for Fort Humboldt, an Army outpost where a massive diphtheria epidemic has supposedly broken out. While undercover, Deakin learns the story is a hoax, a criminal plan put into action by a gang of murderers and a tribe of Native Americans. Deakin will have to fight to prevent the outlaws from carrying out their plan, but if he's not careful, he'll be left for dead in the wilderness along Breakheart Pass.moreless


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    • Deakin: If a man is a killer, an arsonist, a cheat, and a coward, it's hardly surprising if he turns out to be a liar as well.

    • Deakin: Dr. Molyneaux is dead, two of the Major's best officers are missing, and we can't get through to Myrtle...Nobody heard anything, nobody saw anything, and nobody knows anything. It can only get better.
      Gov. Fairchild: Well, maybe they were just accidents after all. And we just might have seen the end of it...
      (5 seconds later, another fatal 'accident' occurs.)

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    • There are noticeable plot parallels to both Agatha Christie's "Ten Little Indians" and "Murder on the Orient Express". Therefore a critic remarked that the movie should have been called "Ten Little Indians on the Orient Express in the West".

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