Bring It On: All or Nothing

Released 2006


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Bring it on: All or Nothing stars Hayden Panettiere as Britney Allen, cheerleading captain of the Pacific Vista High along with frenemy Winnie Harper (Marcy Rylan). Britney’s world is turned upside down when her dad’s job forces her to move to working-class Crenshaw Heights, where she must deal with a new school, and a new cheer squad. The captain of the Crenshaw Heights Warriors, Camille (Solange Knowles- Smith) doesn’t take kindly to Britney, and neither do other girls on the squad, Kirresha and Leti. Britney tries out for the squad despite this setback, and is reluctantly accepted because of her superior skills. The team finds out that Rihanna is looking for a high school cheer squad to be in her next video, and the Warriors have their eyes on the prize. Winnie and the girls from Pacific Vista, however, aren’t going down without a fight. As Britney lies to Camille to attend Pacific High’s homecoming dance, she also discovers there that Winnie has been sleeping with Brittany’s boyfriend Brad (Jake McDorman) while she’s been away. Camille discovers her lies and kicks her off the squad, but that doesn’t keep Brittany from wishing the Warriors luck in the competition and standing up to her former friend Winnie, who is trying to ridicule the Crenshaw Heights squad. Brittany earns Cammille’s trust and is allowed back on t he squad, but in the final showdown, only their skills will dictate which team will be the star of Rihanna’s new video. Brittany may have more fans than she thinks- including male cheerleader Jesse (Gus Carr), who believed in her from her arrival at Crenshaw Heights.moreless
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Comedy, Sports


Teen, Valley Girls, Catfights, For Women, The High Class