Broken Hearts Club

Released 2009


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Movie: Broken Hearts Club


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Love-lost couples air out their grievances to an apathetic psychiatrist who prefers treating the criminally insane. Dr. Terrence N. Thiebold is a former All-American linebacker and now a leading criminal psychiatrist. He's a stolid and regimented gentleman but hugely successful in treating the criminally insane. With all his advanced degrees, Terrence is completely unprepared for the never-ending procession of misguided, melodramatic couples in the midst of tumultuous break-ups. Terrence's new patients -- the foul-mouthed, the sexually unsatisfied, the career-obsessed, the lonely and the hopeless -- drag him through an abyss of professional frustrations. The drama intensifies when Terrence is offered a job at a prestigious clinic contingent upon his successful results with his new patients. When Terrence's wife wants him to take the job his work problems follow him home, placing his marriage in jeopardy.moreless
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Romantic Comedy