Brothers and Sisters

Released 2011


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Movie: Brothers and Sisters


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In the spring of 1988, filmmaker Pavel Schnabel recorded scenes of life in East Germany, using only citizens who had been carefully vetted by the authorities. Spies everywhere watched carefully to ensure that a worthy and reliable picture of the German Democratic Republik (GDR) would be presented to the West. A few years later, shortly after the reunification of East and West Germany, these same men and women agreed to be filmed once more. Brothers and Sisters is a film about life before and after the collapse of the Berlin Wall. Before reunification, the subjects of this film spoke in favorable-if guarded-tones about life under Communism. From the married couple who ran a small café to the principal of Karl Marx School, these men and women espoused the party line. After reunification, they look upon their past with mixed feelings, while looking toward an uncertain future with trepidation and hope. For many, reunification occurred too fast, bringing about abrupt and unsettling changes. Some mourn the loss of certain privileges and have difficulty coping with the readjustment. They feel torn between two countries, not easily identifying themselves as citizens of Federal Germany. An atmospheric snapshot of everyday life in two very different worlds, Brothers and Sisters provides a candid account of perspectives from both sides of history.In English and German with English subtitles.moreless
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