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Max Fleischer's brilliant animated movie takes you on a journey inside the amazing world of Bugville, a tiny village located in the middle of a large city where bugs live in harmony. When Hoppity, the likable grasshopper returns to Bugville, he finds all is not well when a broken fence and inconsiderate humans threaten the survival of the town. He moves his friends to higher ground, a beautiful garden not far away owned by the kind song writing humans, Dick and Mary. But tragedy strikes and they must return to the lowlands. To make matters worse, Hoppity's girlfriend, Honey Bee is being forced to marry the villainous C. Bagley Beetle. All will be saved if Dick and Mary can get the money to save their home, giving the Bugville inhabitants a safe place to live. But Mr. Beetle has other plans and hatches a destructive scheme with the help of his bungling henchmen. Can Hoppity save his friends and his girl? Bugville is a delightful story, presented in classic vintage animation that will delight kids of all ages!moreless
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Animation, Fantasy, Kids


Tweens, Pre-Teens, Grade Schoolers, Kids Fantasy, Creatures