Bunny Lake Is Missing

Columbia Released 1965





Movie Summary

Bunny Lake Is Missing is a 1965 thriller directed by Otto Preminger and based on the novel of the same name by Merriam Modell. Carol Lynley plays Ann Lake, a single American mother who has recently moved to London to live with her journalist brother and her four-year-old daughter, Bunny. Shortly after her arrival, however, her daughter goes missing from school. Ann is sent into a panic. Police Superintendent Newhouse, played by Laurence Olivier, investigates all the suspects surrounding the disappearance. The suspects include Ann's sado-masochistic landlord, Horatio (Noel Coward), as well as a creepy retired teacher (Martita Hunt) who lives in the school house and collects recordings of children's nightmares. Even with several suspicious suspects, Newhouse can't turn up any clues as to what happened to Bunny. No one remembers seeing the girl at all. As Ann becomes more and more distraught over the fate of her daughter, the people around her begin to wonder if Bunny ever existed in the first place. Bunny Lake Is Missing is a classic psychological thriller, full of mysterious characters and surprising twists.moreless
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