Burnt Money

Released 2000


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Burnt Money is an Argentine film (originally titled Plata Quemada) starring Eduardo Noriega, Leonardo Sbaraglia, Pablo Echarri, and Leticia Bredice in an action-packed thriller based on real events about an elaborate bank robbery in Buenos Aires that happened in 1965. Sbaraglia and Noriega play El Nene and Angel, an inseparable gay couple who live as outlaws, pulling off small crimes to support themselves. They meet up with another criminal, a straight man named Pablo Echarri, and the three hatch a plan to rip off an armored truck for a big score. They pull it off, but in the process kill several police officers and become fugitives in an international man hunt. As the three men run from country to country, Angel and Nene's relationship is pushed to the limit as the stress of being on the run builds and builds. Burnt Money is a riveting story drawn from real events, written and directed by award-winning filmmaker Marcelo Pineyro.moreless
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