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Michael Haneke’s Cache is a 2005 French language film that centers around Georges Laurent (Daniel Auteuil) a charismatic host of a highly regarded TV program on literature. As he and his wife Anne (the always amazing Juliette Binoche) settle into a quiet dinner party lifestyle, they begin to receive mysterious packages containing VHS tapes. The enclosed videos show a view of their house from the street. The unsettling message is clear: someone is watching them. Though the police view these packages as relatively innocuous, Georges and Anne are increasingly disturbed, especially as the packages begin to include bizarre drawings. As Georges is forced to investigate these messages, he can only turn inwards, beginning to confront the unspoken demons of his past. Cache, which in English translates to “Hidden,” was nominated for the Golden Palm at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, and won its Austrian writer/director Michael Haneke the prize of Best Director.moreless
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