Caddyshack 2

Released 1988


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Caddyshack 2 is a 1988 golf comedy movie by director Allan Arkush, a sequel to the 1980 golf comedy movie Caddyshack. When Kate Hartounian (Jessica Lundy), the Jewish Armenian American daughter of a wealthy and widowed real estate developer, Jack Hartounian (Jackie Mason), decides that it is high time to move up in life, she befriends a snooty WASP girl, Miffy Young (Chynna Phillips). Upon Miffy’s encouragement, Kate and Jack apply to join Miffy’s country club, Bushwood. But Jack’s down-to-earth personality and somewhat crude manners, as well as a previous spat with Cynthia Young (Dina Merrill), the wife of Chandler Young (Robert Stack), who happens to be both Miffy’s father and the president of Bushwood, leads to the rejection of their application. Jack is not going to take such an outright display of snobbery lightly, so he purchases the majority stock to Bushwood and starts his attempt to turn it into an amusement park, much to Chandler’s dismay. Caddyshack 2 is full of humor and has won a 1989 ASCAP Award and two 1989 Razzie Awards, in addition to nominations for another two 1989 Razzie Awards.moreless
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