Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam

Released 2010


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  • Not a good sequel.

    It wasn't better than the first one, the music was ok, the acting was even worse and the only good thing was that the plot was stronger. The ending was pretty good and some of the moments between Mitchie and Shane were really good. Joe improved his acting but it was still forced. Demi did a better job and her voice was better too. Kevin and Nick showed us again that they just CAN'T act. Please, they had more lines but they just ruined it. It was for the better to end this movies with this one. Goodbye, Camp Rock, you just couldn't be HSM.
  • "Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam" is a great Disney Channel Original Movie.

    In my opinion, this film is better than the first... the first film was pretty good but this sequel was just a little better in my opinion. I really enjoyed this film. The music was very good and it's so catchy that I want to dance along to it. I think that the plot to this movie was MOSTLY good. I'll tell you later why I put MOSTLY on there. Although, I think that Demi Lovato is an okay actress... her acting was surpringly good in this sequel. This sequel proved that Demi Lovato made the best performance ever in this film... I still consider her an okay actress but she did a good job with this film. I also thought that Alyson Stoner's acting was good in this film as well. Meaghan Martin who is also a beautiful actress did a good job acting in this film. There were also a few more actors that did a great job in this film. I am not a Jonas Brothers fan because they seem like that they are show-offs especially Joe Jonas. Anyways, I don't like their music but I kind of liked their music in this movie. I love all of the songs in this film. The lyrics are catchy, the choreography is unbelievable, and the beat to the music was well done. There is only one major problem that I had with this movie... this will explain why I put MOSTLY earlier in my review. Mr. Cesario said that one camp will stay and then the other camp would be over for good (a.k.a. forever). Camp Rock lost to Camp Star but you don't see Camp Rock packing up or anything and then the kids would say "I want to come here for summer next year". That didn't make any sense to me and it really angered me. If it weren't for that one major problem, I would have given this film a perfect score. Overall, despite that one major problem I had with this film, this was a great Disney Channel Original Movie. 8/10

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