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Matthew Diamond , Jonas Brothers
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A young girl named Mitchie Torres is desperate to go to Camp Rock. When her mom is hired as the Camp's cook, she gets to go as long as she helps out in the kitchen. When she is overheard singing by rock star Shane Gray, who goes to the camp to get an attitude adjustment, he sets out to find the mystery girl with the wonderful voice. Mitchie has no idea that Shane ever heard her sing so she doesn't try to get him to hear her voice. But when camp queen Tess Tyler, the daughter of mega-star TJ Tyler, finds out Shane is looking for Mitchie, she makes sure that he will never hear her sing.
  • Pretty cute and fun movie with a few flaws here and there

    Exactly what the title says. Allow me to elaborate.

    Plot- Young Mitchie Torre's mother gets hired to cook for the musical camp, Camp Rock and seeing as Mitchie wants to go really really badly , her mother invites her along and of course Mitchie agrees to go. After meeting some new people, a camp queen diva, Tess Tyler is not impressed by Mitchie's average life. So Mitchie lies and changes herself so she'd fit in. Meanwhile, Shane Grey, a mega superstar, comes to Camp Rock and overhears Mitchie singing "This Is Me". Mitchie does not know he heard her. Tess Tyler finds out about this and she does everything she can to make sure he doesn't hear her sing.

    The plot is pretty cool but a little cliched. It basically just copied off of "Little Mermaid" Boy hears girl sing. Boy falls in love with her voice. He tries to find the girl with the voice. He finds her. They get together. But if you're gonna watch this movie, you have to ignore that. The characters are pretty one dimensional and stereo-typical.

    Mitchie Torres- Shy girl with an amazing voice

    Tess Tyler- Mean girl

    Caitlyn Gellar- Boring girl whose just ignored and seen as a outcast

    Ella Pador - Dumb girl

    Peggy Dupree- Black chick whose just nice and a little air-headed at times

    The music was fun, catchy, and awesome. The acting was ok and it felt pretty forced at times.

    The characters are pretty likable all except Caitlyn. I'm sorry but why the hell does she care who Mitchie hangs out with? Honey you just met her. You don't fucking own her. And the whole scene where they throw food and then Caitlyn gets kitchen duty as punishment. She just blames Mitchie for it. WHAT THE HELL? Uh bitch you didn't have to start throwing food. And she goes out of her way to insult Tess. If you don't like her then ignore her. Guess that's why she really doesn't have friends, I also feel that Mitchie tries way to hard to fit in and being popular has been so overused it almost disgusts me. Being popular isn't everything guys!!

    The comedy is ok. I may have chuckled here and there but overall it's not that funny. The relationship between Mitchie and Shane is pretty cliched. Famous cocky guy and shy small town girl. I liked the "Make this beat flow" song and "This Is Me" those were the best. And having the Jonas brothers in it was pretty cool although they aren't that cute nor can they sing but they were popular at the time I guess. I personally love Demi Lovato she's amazing at singing, just not at acting.

    So if you want a cute fun movie with good music in it and if you're a fan of the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato, then you're gonna love this movie. I thought it was just OK.

  • Good, just that.

    Camp Rock tried to have the same impact HSM had. They did a good job, the music is great but actors just were bad. Demi felt extremely forced and Joe Jonas just can't act. He's a good singer, that's not in doubt, but he can't act. Kevin and Nick, who just had like three lines each, were even worse. The music is, by far, the best thing this movie had. It is powerful, catchy and well sung.moreless
  • "Camp Rock" is a pretty good film BUT it could have improved much more.

    This isn't the worst Disney Channel Original Movie I've seen but it could have been better. It's a pretty good movie but it's just good in an okay way. Demi Lovato doesn't look good with her hair red but I guess she was okay in this film even though her acting didn't seem to impress me. Alyson Stoner was also very good in this film. Meaghan Martin is a beautiful actress but I didn't like her mean girl role that much BUT I've seen much more cruel characters than her so I'll let it slide... also since she is a good actress. Maria Canals-Barrera also did a very job acting as the role as Mitchie's (Demi Lovato) mother. I wasn't impressed with the Jonas Brothers songs in this film pretty much because I don't like them. They don't look like they care about the fans... they look like they care more about money and fame. Joe Jonas is the one who probably shows off the most out of the three of them. None of the songs were that impressive to me but they weren't bad either. The choreography just lacked alot and needed more pizazz. I only love one song from this film and it's called "You Rock". That's the only song that I love but the rest of the songs, I either like or just find okay. Overall, a pretty good Disney Channel Original Movie but in an okay way because I did give it an okay score after all. 6.5/10moreless
  • All this hype.......for nothing

    When I saw all these posters and bulletins about "Camp Rock" and the Jonas Brothers in it, I thought "This should be a good movie".Then when the movie came out and I saw it at then end of the movie I said these exact words: "wtf?" Seriously, the people who wrote this seemed like they were in a hurry for something. I laughed at a few parts and Demi Lovato was a good singer I had to admit that, but overall it wasn't that wholesome. Also I had yet to hear a rock song in this movie. I don't even understand why it's called Camp Rock. All I have to say is : Nice try Disneymoreless
  • Camp Rock is just another High School Musical just with some different twists and themes.

    My God man Disney needs to stop making all of these crappy sing-along tv movies that make you totally bored out of your mind. Next up we got a move broadcast on television, starring a new star to hit Disney Channel that goes by the name: Demi Lovato. Did she make the right choice of showing up on Disney Channel? I don't think so. I will admit she's a good singer but I'm just saying that she might need some improvements by doing other forms of acting on other tv shows. Obviously now I think Sonny with a Chance is a failure tv show. Okay now in Camp Rock we got Demi Lovato as some girl whom I forget her name. Its been so long since I last saw this movie that I hardly can remember anything. In the end she impresses some guy and they get their friendship back or something. And one of her ending song hits is This Is Me. In this movie we also got different types of girls and all these cliche themes and high school cliques. Now really this is just another boring worthless tv movie that look as if the producers spent five minutes thinking of the whole story. There's a lot of songs in it so technically I would say that this is another High School Musical just with some different characters and settings. Instead of school its at a summer camp with other new and/or different Disney celebrities. But it has all the same boring and teenage-themed stuff all wrapped into one black musty package. It has sleeping gas in it too, don't open it unless you want to be lulled to sleep. This movie sure made me bored and sleepy. I advise watching Kim Possible and The Proud Family instead to have a good time and enjoy watching something. This ends my Camp Rock review.moreless

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