Can't Buy Me Love

Released 1987


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Can't Buy Me Love is a romantic teen comedy film directed by Steve Rash that centers on nerdy and pretty much invisible high school student Ronald Miller (Patrick Dempsey) who is so uncool that even his younger brother Chuckie (Seth Green) has more prospects than him. Pining for not only the cool life of the popular crowd but also the head cheerleader Cindy Mancini (Amanda Peterson), Ronnie jumps at the chance to make a deal with his crush. For a thousand dollars, Cindy would pretend to date Ronnie for a month and help him become part of her crowd. As the two become closer and Cindy begins to see the person beneath the geeky label, Ronnie loses himself in the popularity. Things begin to unravel however as jealousies rage and the truth is revealed, leaving Ronnie back at square one, except now even his nerdy friends won't have anything to do with him. Can't Buy Me Love is a comedic but sweet look at what it means to be cool and popular while still being yourself.moreless
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Comedy, Drama


Romantic Comedy, Love & Romance, Teen