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Released 2002


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A teenage horror story unveils a tortured high school outcast. Carrie, a telekinetic teenager, unleashes her wrath after years of torment from an overbearing mother and constant cruelty from classmates. Stars Angela Bettis, Patricia Clarkson. (CC)


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  • After a lifetime of torture from her mother and cruel peers, teenage outcast Carrietta "Carrie" White uses her telekinetic powers to exact revenge.

    This is the second of three screen adaptations of Stephen King's classic debut novel and the only one that was made for television. It is also the best of the three. The main reason being its cast. Angela Bettis is excellent as the title character. Despite being twenty eight years old at the time the movie was filmed, she is perfectly cast as the troubled and tortured soul who, after an act of unbelievable cruelty, finally snaps and releases her wrath on the people who have done nothing but treat her horribly for no reason. Bettis is so good in fact that you almost forget she is acting. Kandyse McClure is also very good as Sue Snell. Like Bettis she is very believable in her role. The same can be said for veteran actor David Kieth who plays the police detective investigating the disaster caused by Carrie's act of revenge. I did have a bit of a problem with Patricia Clarkson who played Carrie's mother Margaret. Her dialogue can across as a bit contrived for me. There is also a major flaw in which she misquotes a bible verse. If she is such a die hard fundamentalist I don't see how she could have gotten that wrong considering she spends 99% of her time reading the Bible and praying. There is also one major change from the novel that I think hurts this movie. In this version, Carrie has no control over her powers. When she is humiliated at the prom her powers take over he and act on their own. She goes into some kind of trance as she wreaks havoc and later snaps out of it with no memory of what she did. However in Stephen King's novel she is in full control over her powers and knows exactly what she is doing. In fact she takes great pleasure in making her enemies suffer. I think the writers of this episode should have stuck with that because it made the novel all the more scary. It also shows that even the most goodhearted people, as Carrie is, can commit acts of pure evil if pushed over the edge as she clearly was. Still, despite some minor flaws I enjoy this movie tremendously and highly recommend it.moreless

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    • In Stephen King's novel which is the basis for this movie, Carrie dies after being stabbed by her mother Margaret (As in the movie Carrie then kills Margaret by using her telekinetic powers to stop Margaret's heart.).  In this movie Carrie survives and Sue Snell helps Carrie elude police by helping Carrie fake her own death and then taking her to Florida.  The reason for this change is because the movie's producers hoped for this movie to serve as a pilot for a television series in which Carrie travels the country searching for people with the same telekinetic powers as she has and helping them.  However, mainly due to the movie being a ratings disappointment, the series never came to fruition.