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A teenage horror story unveils a tortured high school outcast. Carrie, a telekinetic teenager, unleashes her wrath after years of torment from an overbearing mother and constant cruelty from classmates. Stars Angela Bettis, Patricia Clarkson. (CC)


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    • Detective John Mulchahey: (Walking into the interrogation room with an evidence bag filled with prom ballots We, ah, found these in a dumpster behind what's left of the gym.
      Norma Watson: (Moves backwards in disgust as the ballots are dumped out of the bag onto the table.) I can't believe you touched those. They're probably swimming with disease.
      Detective Mulchahey: Recognize them?
      Norma: They're prom ballots. I'm the one that Xeroxed them.
      Detective Mulchahey: According to these Frank and Jessica were elected King and Queen of the Prom.
      Norma: I counted those ballots myself. Mr. Morton checked my work. Tom and Carrie won fair and square.
      Detective Mulchahey: I'm guessing by a landslide
      Norma: Yeah.
      Detective Mulchahey: That doesn't seem odd to you?
      Norma: I just figured they were pity votes.
      Detective Mulchahey: They're not pity votes Norma. Somebody switched the ballots.

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    • In Stephen King's novel which is the basis for this movie, Carrie dies after being stabbed by her mother Margaret (As in the movie Carrie then kills Margaret by using her telekinetic powers to stop Margaret's heart.).  In this movie Carrie survives and Sue Snell helps Carrie elude police by helping Carrie fake her own death and then taking her to Florida.  The reason for this change is because the movie's producers hoped for this movie to serve as a pilot for a television series in which Carrie travels the country searching for people with the same telekinetic powers as she has and helping them.  However, mainly due to the movie being a ratings disappointment, the series never came to fruition.