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John Lasseter

Cars is a 2006 animated film about an arrogant race car who learns humility after being stranded in a small town. Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) is the hottest car on the racing circuit. Desperate to win the Piston Cup championship and attract a more lucrative sponsor, McQueen pushes his team to drive through the night to Los Angeles so that he can get to the track of the next race and get in extra practice time. The frantic journey leads to McQueen being dislodged from his convoy. He ends up in Radiator Springs where he is arrested for damaging the road during the escapades of the previous evening. Forced to do community service, he meets the various citizens of the town: Mater (Larry the Cable Guy), a broken-down truck; Doc Hudson (Paul Newman), a former racer himself; and Sally Carrera (Bonnie Hunt), a jaunty sports car. As he develops intimate relationships with his new friends, McQueen learns that there is a lot more to life than simply winning a race.


Metacritic Score

  • 90

    Los Angeles Times Kenneth Turan

    What's surprising about this supremely engaging film is the source of its curb appeal: It has heart.

  • 70

    Variety Brian Lowry

    Periodic bursts of cleverness brighten the festivities, but they're too few and far between, and the trademark humor that appeals to adults and kids often misfires.

  • 40

    The New York Times Manohla Dargis

    Both in its ingratiating vibe and bland execution, Cars is nothing if not totally, disappointingly new-age Disney.

  • Beautifully executed car fantasy

    Very appealing and well made, Even the soundtrack is perfect, with James Taylor and others
  • worst movie of the year

    cars are scary
  • Seriously?

    A movie about cars. There isn't even any car jokes in this movie, they don't even think like cars. What really drew the line is the car flies. I've tried to watch this movie more than once, but could never watch it the whole way through because I always lose interest no matter how many times I've tried to watch the movie I can't watch it from start to end. I've seen scenes later in the movie, but I've never watched up to those parts. It's messages are cliche. A car won by a tongue, cars don't have tongues. When a car said, "I have gas," the cars laughed. Cars would not find that funny. It's like humans saying "I have food. The plot is overused, it's unoriginal because the only thing different about is it's done with cars which is also unoriginal. They've used the word rot instead of rust. They don't take advantage of them being cars.moreless
  • 10
    I LOVE Cars sooooo much! Cars is just a great movie
  • Well done.

    Love it. Original. GREAT!!! Love the different ways they use cars. Love how there are no people just cars as people.

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