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Stanley Donen

Returning from a brief holiday in the French Alps, Regina Lampert is intent on divorcing her mysterious and untruthful husband Charles; but she finds he has been murdered - after first selling all their possessions at auction. Turning for help to Peter Joshua, a charming stranger she met on vacation, Regina finds herself being threatened by three unpleasant strangers who are after the large sum of money Charles made from the auction. But it's disappeared. She also finds that Peter is not the man he seemed to be - but who exactly is he, and what is he really after, and why do people around him keep getting murdered?


Metacritic Score

  • 100

    San Francisco Chronicle G. Allen Johnson

    Few thrillers create as much sheer joy and happiness as Charade, in which Cary Grant spoofs his Alfred Hitchcock persona, Audrey Hepburn exudes her usual magnetic charm, and Paris ...

  • 75

    Slant Magazine Chris Cabin

    Shot by Charles Lang, one of the greatest American cinematographers to ever live, Charade is some sort of miraculous entertainment, self-aware and self-parodying yet never distanci...

  • 75

    LarsenOnFilm Josh Larsen

    This sounds a bit like Hitchcock, but Charade—written by Peter Stone and directed by Stanley Donen—isn't nearly interested enough in humanity's dark side to qualify. The movie ...

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • It was originally intended that this film star Paul Newman and Natalie Wood in the Grant and Hepburn roles. Cary Grant was anxious to work with Audrey Hepburn, but worried that he was too old to be her leading man (he was 25 years her senior). He told writer Peter Stone that, if he were to be seen amorously pursuing a woman so much younger than himself, people would think he was a dirty old man. When Stone asked if he had a solution to this problem, Grant immediately suggested that, instead, Hepburn should pursue him. Stone rewrote the script accordingly.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Peter Joshua: [considering Regina's suggestion that they meet in Paris]: Are you in the book?
      Regina Lampert: Charles is.
      Peter Joshua: There's only one Charles Lampert in Paris?
      Regina Lampert: Lord...I hope so.

    • Inspector Grandpierre: A man drowned in his bed? Impossible!

    • Hamilton Bartholomew: Do you know what the CIA is, Mrs. Lampert?
      Regina Lampert: It wouldn't be an airline?
      Hamilton Bartholomew: Central Intelligence Agency.

    • Sylvie: [when Leopold has a sneezing fit whilst looking at Charles's corpse]: He must have known Charles pretty well. He's allergic to him.

    • Tex Penthollow: [after testing with a mirror to see if Charles's corpse is still breathing, he tosses a flower into the open coffin]: Arriverderci, Charlie.

    • Regina Lampert: [examining the cleft in "Alexander Dyle"'s chin]: How do you shave in there?

    • Inspector Grandpierre: [after Peter and Regina have admitted to spending the night in separate bedrooms]: Obviously, you are telling the truth - for who would invent so ridiculous a story?

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Drama, Suspense