Cherry Crush

Released 2007


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Nicholas DiBella
Cherry Crush tells the story of wealthy, young photographer Jordan Wells (Jonathan Turker), who is expected to take over the family business. Rather than planning on following in his father's footsteps, however, the teenager amuses himself by taking photos of naked girls from his class. When the dean of his school discovers Jordan's hobby, the teen is expelled and must transfer into the public school system. It is there that he meets the beautiful Shay Bettencourt (Nikki Reed), and begins a romantic involvement of sorts. His entanglement with Shay soon leads to romantic affairs, a brutal murder, and a complicated web of lies and deceit. Jordan's infatuation with the young girl only continues after he's questioned by the police as an accessory to murder, and he soon finds himself involved in yet another killing. Ultimately, Jordan will have to decide whether he wants to live a life on the run with Shay, or make his own path without the fiery vixen he has come to cherish and adore.moreless
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    This film is not usually the kind of movie that I go for, but I decided to watch it, for it's star, Jonathan Tucker. He is one of my favorite actors, and this is one of the few films, he's done, that I hadn't seen yet. The story begins with Jordan Wells (Tucker) in trouble with both the police and his private school. It was discovered that Wells had been taking nude photos of several of the girls, and the school was deciding whether or not to press charges. They don't, but the well-to-do teen is sent to finish his senior year at public school. Once there he meets the girls of his dreams, a girl he thinks will change his life, but she's not all she appears to be. For starters, the cast of this film was way to old to be believable as High School students and the story really didn't match the setting. This was a story of love, hate, betrayal, and murder, involving wealthy, well to do people. Setting the story in the context of a High School romance did it a huge disservice. The story itself wasn't bad, just slow at certain points, but the setting just turned me off to the whole thing right from the beginning. Jonathan Tucker does the tremendous job I've come to expect from him. It doesn't matter the role or type of film, but somehow this guy always manages to get audiences to like him. It's Tucker's charisma and connection to the audience that keeps me watching, even when it's a film like this, that I really wasn't into. Cherry Crush basically has nothing going for it, except for it's star, who does his best to try and save a film that just doesn't work.moreless

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