Christmas in Paradise

Released 2007


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  • Two broken families have a chance meeting in Puerto Rico during Christmas even though a person from one's past threatens to disrupt the magic. The plot has very interesting twists and turns that run the gamut from humor to deep sorrow.

    This movie involved quite a bit of subplots that I thought were well done. The movie kept moving along and there were actually no dull spots. The characters were perfectly cast. Movies of this type tend to run into dead-ends but this one remained intriguing throughout the entire movie. Even the opening scenes were well done! An interesting aspect of this movie was that the emotions displayed by the characters were as close to reality as I could imagine, especially having been in that type of life experience. The movie opens up your own old personal wounds in a tender way. That is something that is hardly ever done by modern movies. I usually do not enjoy movies of this type, but this one caught my attention. The ending surprised me a little bit. A sequel would be fun.
  • I thought it was a awesome movie.

    I have to admit. I wasn't so thrilled when this was comming on. But I watched it anyhow becuase Devon Werkheiser was in it. And I'm a huge fan of Devon Werkheiser! I mean, who isn't. Anyhow, when I started watching the movie, I loved it! Awesome movie. The characters all got along really well. And the plot was amazing. I though the oldest girls additude was a bit, scary. But it was a great storyline. I though the dad and mom where going to get together. And then the two oldest kissed. I was like! Dang her! That's DEVON FRICKEN WERKHEISER! Anyways, haha. It shouldn't have been on Lifetime. No one really saw it, which sucks too. It was an awesome movie. Awesome cast. Awesome plot. Awesome setting. Awesome awesome awesome. Should have been put on a popular channel!

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