Cimarron Strip - The Search

Released 1967


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Cimarron Strip - The Search

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Bernard McEveety
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A Classic Action Adventure of the Old West on Cimarron Strip. Marshal Crown (Stuart Whitman) arrests Dickie Vardeman for murder and, to prevent a rescue by his outlaw family, sends him, under guard, by train to a neighboring town. The marshal then pretends to transport Dickie by wagon. When Dickie's three brothers attempt a rescue, Crown kills Lou, but Kerwin (Jonathan Lippe) and Strawdy (Zalman King) shoot Crown, and leave him for dead. He is found by a Cimarron Strip scavenger, Lummy (L.Q. Jones), who decides that Crown has a monetary value, dead or alive. When the marshal's empty, bloodied wagon returns to Cimarron City, Dulcey persuades Mr. Lorton (Richard O'Brien) to organize a posse to search for Crown. Clo Vardeman (Jim Davis), the father, arrives in town and kills Lorton. As the posse disbands, Clo offers a $500 reward for Crown's missing body. Cimarron City's only reputable doctor, Dr. Kihlgren, is away, and Dulcey is forced to lean on the unsteady arm of ex-doctor Nathan Tio (Joseph Cotten). Outside town, Tio and Dulcey find a grave and the marshal's badge. Dulcey is grief-stricken. Lummy brings Crown to town in his wagon, but when he claims the $500 reward from Clo Vardeman, the wagon is empty. The Verdemans begin a search for the marshal. When Strawdy discovers Crown in Dr. Kihlgren's office, the marshal shoots him. After Dr. Tio treats Crown's wounds, he insists on returning to the Wayfarer's Inn to face Clo and Kerwin. Crown kills Clo, and three members of the d...moreless

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