Cimarron Strip - Till The End of Night

Released 1967


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Cimarron Strip - Till The End of Night

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Alvin Ganzer
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A Classic Action Adventure of the Old West on Cimarron Strip. Marshal Crown (Stuart Whitman) is in Topeka testifying at a trial, when Deputy MacGregor (Percy Herbert) allows a hired gunman, Luther Happ (Dean Stanton), to escape from the Cimarron jail. MacGregor is shot, but he kills Happ before passing out. MacGregor regains consciousness in the Cedars County, Texas jail, where he is held for Happ's murder. Happ was Sheriff Hawkes' (Clifton James) deputy, and his mission had been to kill Marshal Crown, the sheriff's old enemy. MacGregor is tried and sentenced to be hanged. Handucffed to Sarah Lou Burke (Suzanne Pleshette), who has been falsely sentenced for the murder of a loal saloon-keeper, he is put into a wagon. He develops a romantic interest in Sarah and the girl has more than a passing interest in the strange Scotsman. The pair escape. MacGregor separates the handcuffs and sends Sarah away, while he leads the posse in another direction. As MacGregor is captured, Marshal Crown and Deputy Francis Wilde (Randy Boone) arrive and fall into the posse's trap. Sarah leaps on Sheriff Hawkes' back from an overhanging rock butte, and in the melee Crown captures him. The marshal uses the sheriff as a hostage, to insure their safe return to Cimarron City. The charges against Sarah are cleared and she leaves promising to return to Cimarron City and MacGregor.moreless

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