Cimarron Strip - Whitey

Released 1967


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Cimarron Strip - Whitey

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A Classic Action Adventure of the Old West on Cimarron Strip. Whitey (Peter Kastner), a nineteen-year-old member of Arn Tinker's (John Anderson) outlaw gang, is tricked by Marshal Crown (Stuart Whitman) into revealing the plans for Tinker's next robbery. Crown then gathers all the neighboring lawmen together for an ambush, but Arn Tinker has given Whitey false information and he robs a bank in the neighboring town of Shade's Wells, instead. Crown gets to Shade's Wells to explain to the citizenry whey their sheriff had left the town unprotected. When he returns to Cimarron City, he discovers Whitey has escaped from jail and kidnapped Dulcey (Jill Townsend). The boy hides Dulcey in a lonely cabin and proceeds to carry out a plan of revenge against Tinker. Seemingly by accident, Whitey reveals to Tinker that a U.S. Mint train is coming through Cimarron City. Tinker comes to town disguised, and Whitey turns him in to Marshal Crown. Whitey promises to return Dulcey as soon as Tinker is tried and hanged for the murders he's committed. Crown then makes a deal with Arn Tinker, afraid Whitey will not return Dulcy: Crown contacts Beau Tinker (Michael Mikler), Arn's brother, who promises to locate Whitney in return for Arn's safe return. After Beau finds Whitey and kills him, Crown arrives to discover Beau about to kill Dulcey to insure the death of his brother, Arn; Beau feels this is the one way he can take over his brother's gang. Crown kills Beau and returns to Cimarron City with an...moreless

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